Túi nhựa EVA tự huỷ - túi nhựa EVA tự tan


    Low melt EVA bags, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate bags are commonly used for packing materials in industrial use. They are an effective method of packing rubber and synthetics.  For production purposes, EVA bags can be used for granule and powder substances and placed into a rubber mixing machine as the quality of the product will not be compromised.

    EVA is used as it is a co-polymer which improves precision of a product. If there is a higher amount of vinyl acetate used, the melting point and stiffness will be lower. Low melt bags may be otherwise known as batch inclusion bags, specifically designed for the mixing of rubber and plastic materials in industrial processes.

     Furthermore, low melt EVA bags are used for packing frozen foods. They can be stored at temperatures as low as minus thirty degrees Celsius and won’t disintegrate like regular standard plastic bags would. This means they are perfect for storing frozen food and ice.

    There ave advantages?
    There are varying advantages to using low melt EVA bags. A few popular reasons why there are used in industrial use include;

    Accuracy – As the bags melt as a temperature lower than the substances inside the bag, accurate blending is achieved. Controlled amounts can be added to each bag to ensure a completely controlled environment.

    A cleaner environment – Using ingredients inside a low melt EVA bag reduces dust and protects the production equipment and workforce. The substances being used for the mixing process are confined, which prevents waste and the handling and processing of waste materials.

    Reduces time – Low melt EVA bags reduce time spent in the manufacturing process due to measuring and packing of substances beforehand. This reduces the requirement of weighing ingredients and cuts the cost of equipment and workforce within a factory.

    Convenient – While being easy to use in manufacturing and in home use, low melt EVA bags are easy to acquire, reasonably priced and completely convenient for storage and processing purposes.

    Strength – Many industries are switching to low melt EVA bags due to their strength in packing processes. Frozen meat and vegetables can be stored effectively without the worry of splitting or hardening.

    Varying options – Low melt EVA bags are often available in a multitude of shades, making batches of ingredients easy to identify and sort.


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